UNDERWATER OPEN HOUSE July 26, 2014 2 - 5 pm

Visit us and get a Topside Tour of the facility or an underwater tour of Jules' Undersea Lodge & the MarineLab Habitat if you're a certified diver! Learn more about the only three underwater habitats in the world today, all located in the Upper Keys! Call 305 451-2353 or 305-393-0722 for more information. Don't forget your c card, mask fins and a towel if you want to go below the surface! An underwater camera would be nice, too


Marine Resources Development Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, created in 1970 with the goal of developing a better understanding of earth's marine resources. It has evolved into an organization with both an educational and scientific focus. Since 1985, nearly 5,000 students each year have been introduced to the ocean through our MarineLab education programs. The longest-continually-running underwater habitat, which is used for science and educational purposes, is on our lagoon floor. Currently, we are expanding our involvement with research projects by providing facility and staff support, with the goal of exposing our students to real-world scientific research.


Learn more about Classrooom Under The Sea!
Ian Koblick, President